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Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
Dick Eastman 2001-
Home Pages Highlighted

Dick Eastman 2002 -Home Pages Highlighted

 Country of origin   -   United States

Golden Web Awards 2001-2002 Golden Web Awards 2001-2002

 On having your site selected to receive the  "2001-2002Golden Web Award"   

In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web

 Country of origin   -   United States

    Genealogy Award from Nu-Horizons Design Studio's     

Nu-Horizons Design Studio's Award

Awards represent the highest level of creativity and concept and are given to those sites that honour the webmaster's code of ethics.

Country of origin Canada

   They Live Again     

They Live Again

   They Live Again hopes that you strive for excellence by practicing sound genealogical research techniques. Combined with a basic web site and you are a winner of a Genealogy Excellence Award!!

  Country of origin   -   United States

Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage   

Leith Hutton's Genealogy
 Homepage Award of Excellence

  I enjoyed visiting your site; you have clearly put a substantial amount of time and effort into the research of your family and this is evident in the range of information you have available. I was particularly interested in reading some of the history on the migration to America.

 Country of origin  -Australia

Saw Family Tree Award    

Saw Family Tree Award  

 I have had a long pleasurable look at your site and have no hesitation in presenting you with our "Excellent Site Award".  Congratulations on a wonderful web site.  I am sure many genealogists will derive a lot of pleasure from your site.
Excellent Genealogy Site Award

  Country of origin   -   Australia


Dedication to Genealogy Award  

 The Genealogy Pages !  Dedicated to the digital preservation of Photographs, Documents & Families.

Country of Origin - United States

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