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Latitude 41.0833 Longitude 15.1500 Altitude (feet) 1650
Lat (DMS) 41 4' 60N Long (DMS) 15 9' 0E Altitude (meters) 502

Flumeri (AV), at 8 Km, pop. 3,306

Aragonese Hunting Lodge
Built by Federico d'Aragona in 1478, was used as royal residence during hunting season.  It later became a posting station for cattle coming from Foggia to Napoli.

Mother church, contains frescoes
 painted by Basilio Russo.

The Fiumarella and Ufita rivers flow around Flumeri, which sits on a hill overlooking the Ufita valley. The first mention of the town dates back to the 1122, when it was destroyed by Guglielmo, Duke of Apulia, to avenge the death of his Lord, Guarino de Formari.  

The town was attacked by king Ferdinando of Aragona in 1461, to through out the partisans of Giovanni d'Anjou, who contended with him for the throne of Napoli.  Ferdinando the Catholic gave the town to Consalvo of Cordova in 1507, the Great Captain of the Spanish army, as compensation for the conquest of the reign of Naples.

Flumeri successively passed to the d'Aquino's, Marquess of Corato, the Carafa's and to the de Cardines', Marquess of Lajino, who sold it to Giovanbattista de Ponte in 1624, whose son Trifone had the title of Duke of Flumeri.  The passed to the Cavaniglia's, Marquess of S. Marco and to the Caracciolo's of S. Vito and Flumeri.
According to some, Flumeri was surrounded by walls with two gates and two towers.  On 
contained the bell of the parish.
There was a castle on the top of the hill that was destroyed by earthquakes.  The earthquake of 1694 destroyed more than 100 houses.  Not far from the castle there was a palace with four towers built in 1478 by Federico d'Aragona.  The palace was called Doganelle, and it has been restored by a Lord who bought it from the Caracciolo.


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