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Excerpt taken from PolishRoots Galician Research: Historical Perspectives

Galicia is the given name to that partition of Poland which was occupied by the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1772-1918. 
Consequently, as a foreign provincial name, imposed upon the Polish subjects of many different areas, Galicia is no longer recognized on the administrative maps of the Polish Republic as a county, province nor region. However, since the major migration to America occurred during the period of Germanic occupation, family records may often mislead the novice researcher by listing an ancestor's place of origin as "Austria" or the elusive "Galicia". Galicia, in particular, is recognized and referred to extensively in the Immigration Passenger Lists as Austrian Poland.
The full name of the province was "Galizien und Lodomerien" in German, or "Galicia et Lodomeria" in the Latinized form. The name is derived from two ancient duchies, Halychyna and Volhynia, which served as buffer states between the southeastern Polish frontier and the Kievan State, until their absorption by Poland in the 14th century.

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