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Province of Potenza - The Village of Marsicovetere

The present day Basilicata, (Southern Italy) which includes the provinces of Potenza  and  Matera, is also commonly referred to as Lucania. The name Lucania derives from its prehistoric people, the Lyki. The government has now reconfirmed Basilicata as the region's official name.In early times Greek settlers brought to the region their culture, art and philosophy.

The Lucanians, sought to rebel against  Rome but the Romans reacted with bloody repressions, and the region up until then had known periods of considerable splendor, was depopulated and deserted.

Potenza was destroyed by Frederick II, and was rebuilt by Bishop Oberto in 1250, to be destroyed again by Charles of Anjou. Life here between the 14th and 17th centuries was marked by continual struggles by the lower classes against the feudal barons and the governing authorities for possessions of the land, the only asset sought after in all ranks of society.

In the 18th and 19th centuries the ruling classes remained deaf to the demands of the peasants.  The lower classes of Basilicata were reduced to such misery that many turned to banditry; nor did the often bloody repression of  the outlaws contribute in any way to the solution of the region's problems.  Only since World War II have land reforms begun to break up the large holdings, and Basilicata remains Italy's poorest and most backward region.

On December 21, 1857,  Potenza was greatly damaged by an earthquake. 

MARSICOVETERE is situated about 60 kilometers south of Potenza in Basilicata province. On December 6, 1857 the town was severely damaged by an earthquake which killed about a quarter of the population. Marsicovetere is located in the mountains, many of its residents left the area in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Nearest large towns to Marsicovetere are Marsiconuovo and Viggiano.


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