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 Altitude: 623 m a.s.l mountain *Population: ca. 4700 inhabitants

  Main Product: commerce,
  handicraft and agriculture

The origin of the town goes back to the Norman times when it was built on the ruins of the Roman Forum Novum. The importance of "Mons Calvus" is due to the ruins of an ancient cemetery and the precious potteries. The town grew under the Lombards and in the XII century became fiefdom of the Portofranco family, and later belonged to the Mansella, Sabarno, Sforza, Guevara and Carafa families. Today the owners of the castle are still the Pignatelli family.

Patron Saint: San Felice * Frazioni & LocalitÓ: Abbondanza, Benvenuto, Buodano, Cappella Madonna di Pompei, Cesine, Corsano, Creta, Cusano, De Furia, Frascino, Malvizza di Sopra, Malvizza di Sotto, Masseria Parlante, Olivara, San Felice, Santo Spirito, Spinelli, Tressanti.

Bolle della Malvizza, 15 km from Montecalvo, a strange volcanic lake that produces a special mud and mephitic vapors.

Points of Interest:
The church of S. Nicola di Bari, dated 17th century.
Castello ducale Pignatelli. Overlooking the hamlets the castle, named after the owners, the dukes of Pignatelli of Montecalvo. You can still admire the stone walls, the cylindrical tower and charming fireplace.
The church of S. Martino, 13th century, repeatedly restored, with a fine bell tower, a square wooden vault and maiolica floor.
S. Maria Assunta in Cielo, 15th century 
The church of S. Gaetano Tiene, 17th century. 
The Convent and hospital of S. Caterina, 12th century, leaning on the medieval walls for about 1 km with the presence of two doors.
Palace and Birth Home of S.Pompilio Maria Pirrotti, 18th century.
Palaces: De Cillis, Caccese, Bozzuti, D'Orta, Panari, Peluso, Chiancone, Pizzillo, Striscia, Zupi, De Marco, Franco.


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