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1) In 1939, what department store distributed copies of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"
to the children of itís customers?

a)- Montgomery Ward
b)- Sears
c)- J.C. Penney
d)- Macys

2) Who wrote the 1942 song "White Christmas?"

a)- Cole Porter
b)- Rodgers and Hammerstein
c)- Johnny Mercer
d)- Irving Berlin

3) Yule is a ________ word referring to the Christmas season.

a)- German
b)- Dutch
c)- Scandinavian
d)- Latvian

4) What company pioneered the manufacture and marketing of strings of ready-made
 lights for Christmas ?

a)- Edison Electric
b)- General Electric
c)- Ever-Ready
d)- Westinghouse

5) The poinsettia is native to what country?

a)- Ukraine
b)- Brazil
c)- Poland
d)- Mexico

6) Who recorded the famous Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer song in 1949 and 
how  many copies were sold ?

a)- Willie Nelson, 500,000
b)- Burl Ives, 5 million
c)- Gene Autry, 2 million
d)- Roy Rogers, 3.5 million

7) "The Nutcracker" was written by which famous composer?

a)- George Fredrick Handle
b)- Franz Schubert
c)- Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
d)- Franz Liszt

8) White Christmas was sung by Bing Crosby in what 1942 film?

a)- Itís a Wonderful Life
b)- Holiday Inn
c)- Miracle On 34th Street
d)- White Christmas

9) Why do we attach so much significance to hanging stockings on the mantle as
 gift holders?

a)- They represent the three magiís garments
b)- They denote the childrenís wooden shoes from the Dutch tradition
c)- Queen Victoria and Price Albert started the custom
d)- In honor of the first Irish martyr, Saint Stephen

10) The first printed Christmas cards were manufactured in l860 by:

a)- Louis Prang
b)- Goodall and Son
c)- James A. Lowell
d)- Marcus Ward

11) "Christmas just wonít be Christmas without any presents..." said who?

a)- Scarlett OíHara - Gone With The Wind
b)- Tiny Tim - A Christmas Carol
c)- Jo March - Little Women
d)- Laura Ingalls Wilder - Little House On The Prairie

12) Mistletoe is the "golden bough" that was cut at the winter solstice by the 
archdruid. What was it supposed to cure?

a)- A broken heart
b)- Sickness
c)- Loneliness
d)- Cold sores

13) Legend says the name Father Christmas was originally derived from...

a)- Pliny the Elder
b)- Caesar Augustus
c)- The Norse god Odin
d)- Francis of Assisi

14) On what holiday did the ancient Romans exchange gifts?

a)- Hogmanay
b)- Pasterka
c)- Saturnalia
d)- Feast of the Epiphany

15) Whoís Birthdays fall on Christmas? (choose only four letters)

a)- Humphrey Bogart
b)- Marilyn Monroe
c)- Jimmy Buffet
d)- Hedda Hopper
e)- Rod Serling
f)- James Dean
g)- Cab Calloway

16) Who is the patron saint of carolers?

a)- St. Francis
b)- St. Luke
c)- St. Nicholas
d)- St. Sebastian

17) Caroling was originally a ring dance which celebrated what event?

a)- The first snow of the season
b)- The winter solstice
c)- Birth of the first male child of the year
d)- Christmas eve

18) What are German kugels?

a)- Holiday cakes
b)- Glass ornaments
c)- Pillar candles
d)- Green garlands

19) What American colonial group determined Christmas to be a pagan holiday in
 1659 going so far

a)- The Moravians
b)- Dutch of New York
c)- The Puritans
d)- The Pilgrims

20) Who played Susan Walker in the film "Miracle on 34th Street"?

a)- Judy Garland
b)- Natalie Wood
c)- Elizabeth Taylor
d)- Susan Hayward

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